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Local Anesthesia Liposuction

For patients that are looking to have liposuction on only one or two areas of their body, local anesthesia liposuction is an excellent option.  Twilight or general anesthesia is used when there is a desire to remove larger amounts of fat during the liposuction. Local anesthesia is used where practicable because it minimizes preparation, downtime, and side effects from the surgery.

Dr. David Stoker, a highly regarded plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, will help you understand your best anesthesia options.

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Local Anesthesia Process
Dr. Stoker injects concentrated lidocaine with a tiny needle (virtually painless) into a portion of the areas to be treated.  Most patients find this process to be very easy and tolerable. Once the area is numb, a larger amount of dilute local anesthesia solution is infused into the entire area to be treated.

Local Anesthesia Liposuction – Additions to Local Anesthetic
There are several different ways to supplement local anesthesia, depending on patient needs. 

  • Local anesthesia with oral sedation
  • Local anesthesia with IV sedation
  • Local anesthesia  with “light” general anesthesia
  • Local anesthesia with full general anesthesia

Using local anesthesia in liposuction (now standard with the tumescent liposuction technique) is most appropriate for one or two areas at a time.  When larger areas are treated, or multiple procedures are performed, it is usually optimal to have the local anesthesia supplemented with one of these options.

Local Anesthesia Liposuction - Recovery
Typically only one or two days are needed away from work, but recovery can take longer if the area is much larger or includes multiple large areas.  You’ll be able to see improvement immediately, and the results will continue to improve for six months as all swelling resolves.

Why Choose Dr. Stoker for Your Liposuction?
A board-certified plastic surgeon, he teaches the liposuction course for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the two major plastic surgery societies in the US.  Dr. Stoker has also written two chapters on liposuction in a widely used plastic surgery textbooks, and published multiple articles on his experience. 

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